Onshore Leasing Corporation

"Building Your Success"

Onshore Leasing Corp. is all about flexibility, innovation and above all, results. Our team of experienced Landmen, title experts, project managers and dynamic staff will focus on your precise wishes to deliver cost-effective solutions to any project.


Whether you need to lease land for Oil wells, windmills, solar farms or alfalfa, Onshore Leasing Corp. has the skill, expertise and talent to exceed your expectations. Trust Onshore Leasing Corp. to help build your success!

Who We Are

Onshore Leasing Corp. seeks to retain only the best talent in the industry. With our award-winning team of land developers, designers, builders Title, Landmen, and supporting staff, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.



Onshore Exploration/Leasing

From  mid 2008 through the fall of 2013, Onshore Leasing Corp., the leasing arm of Onshore Exploration Corporation, has obtained over 3,000 leases in California ranging from single leases covering thousands of acres to tiny undivided interest leases covering just fractions of an acre. Thorough research practices combined with clear and concise documentation from the onset result in a superior quality product for our clients at a minimum of consternation to the mineral rights owner.


For any questions about the corporate status of Onshore Leasing Corporation or Onshore Exploration Corporation, please feel free to call the California Secretary of State, Corporation Division, at (916) 657-5448.

You will find that Onshore Exploration Corporation was incorporated in November 1978 and Onshore Leasing Corporation was incorporated in July 2008. Both corporations are in good standing and have never been party to any claim or litigation.  


Both corporations are wholly owned by the family who founded and built the Augusta National Golf Club and originated the Masters Golf Tournament.


Thank you,


Kenneth L. Roberts